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The Noon Number: Rapid Responses

A look at how quick the Caps have been to give back that which they've just taken

Bruce Bennett

8 - Number of times so far this season that the Capitals have surrendered a goal less than two-and-a-half minutes after scoring one themselves, with six of those coming in less than two minutes after the Caps' marker (and a total of 13 coming within five minutes). Put another way, one-quarter of the 32 goals the Caps have scored this season have been answered with an opposition tally within within 150 seconds of game time.

The eight goals the Caps have allowed within two-and-a-half minutes after scoring so far this season:

Game Time b/t Goals Caps Saves b/t Goals Notes
Game 5 vs. COL 0:21 0 Re-established a four-goal Avalanche third-period lead
Game 1 at CHI 0:24 0 Broke a first-period tie
Game 11 at CGY
0:48 1 Re-established a two-goal Flames first-period lead
Game 12 at VAN 1:01 2 Tied the game in the third period, Canucks game-winner scored 2:08 later
Game 9 at WPG 1:19 1 Tied the game in the last minute of the second period
Game 2 vs. CGY 1:35 1 Re-established a three-goal Flames first-period lead
Game 9 at WPG 2:08 5 Tied the game in the third period
Game 4 vs. CAR 2:22 1 Five-on-three goal tied the game in the second period

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