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The Noon Number: New Regime, Old Outcome

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Looking at the differences - or "differences" - from one coach to the next

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

67 – Number of points earned by the Adam Oates-coached Capitals through 60 games… the same number earned in 60 games by Dale Hunter’s Caps. Through Oates’s first 60 games as the team’s bench boss, the Caps have a record of 32-25-3, while Hunter’s team compiled a record of 30-23-7 during his tenure.

As we noted last week:

"[…] despite Dale Hunter giving Jay Beagle more ice time than Alex Ovechkin at times, and despite Adam Oates guiding Alex Ovechkin back to Rocket Richard level acclaim, it's the success of Oates's power play that has separated him from his predecessor, overall. In fact, by the numbers, it is just about the only thing that has separated him to this point... apart from a considerable advantage in the realm of dapper wardrobe selection."