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The Noon Number: Shots Fired

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A look at an alarming trend that will eventually catch up with the Caps... right?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

2,519 - Number of days since the Caps last won a game in which they allowed 47 or more shots on goal, dating back to November 28, 2006 when Olie Kolzig stopped 48 of 50 Tampa Bay shots en route to a 5-2 win. And here's another nugget from the "Living Dangerously" file: these last two games mark the first time the Caps have allowed 80 shots on goal over the span of two wins since February, 2010 (when they did it four times during the 14-game win streak).

(To be sure, score effects often come into play and teams that are trailing outshoot their opponents, which was the case on Saturday night, a game in which the Caps held a lead for 38:02 of game time, more than 32 minutes of which were played with a multiple-goal differential. But that wasn't the case last night, when the Caps led for a total of 7:37.)

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