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The Noon Number: 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

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A look at Marcus Johansson's strikingly low shot total

Look! A unicorn!
Look! A unicorn!
Bruce Bennett

3 - Number of shots on goal for Marcus Johansson through seven games (he's missed the net on two more shot attempts, and had another one blocked), the fewest of any forward in the League who has played as many minutes as he has.

That puts Johansson on roughly a 35 SOG pace for the season (and four or five goals at his career shooting percentage), a total that would shatter the current mark for fewest shots on goal for a forward with a minimum of 1200 minutes played (at least in those seasons for which Hockey Reference has the applicable data). The current "leader" there? None other than Johansson's current coach, Adam Oates, who had 67 shots in 1249 minutes in 2002-03 for the Mighty Ducks. In fact, Oates's 2000-01 season for the Caps included the fewest SOGs (72) for a forward with at least as many minutes as the 1422 for which Johansson is on pace, and his 2003-04 season (with Edmonton) represents the most minutes played in a season by a forward with at most 35 SOG. Hmm.

Like Oates, Johansson is distributing the puck nicely (five assists in seven games)... but unlike Oates, Marcus Johansson isn't likely going to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

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