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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Oilers, October 14, 2013

46 shots of a Capitals win and two of Mike Green over the boards

Shot 2: It takes an eagle's eye to see what's going on here.

Shot 3: Welcome back to Washington, Boyd Gordon.

Shot 7:
When Mike Green misses a check, he misses a check.

Shot 8: And he's okay.

Shot 18: Joel Ward can still score.

Shot 21: Alex Ovechkin can still score, too, but everyone knew that.

Shots 24 and 25: Then there's Troy Brouwer.

Shot 26: If Jason Chimera isn't going to score, at least he can still agitate.

Shot 36: When all that's left are the sticks, gloves and helmets...

Shot 37: ...Martin Erat contributes any way he can.

Shot 41: It's probably still good to be Ovie.

Shot 45: Now that Adam Oates has taught Ovechkin how to score again, he's now moved on to teaching Ovechkin dance moves during stops in play.