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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Hurricanes, October 10, 2013

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21 shots more fun to see than the final score sheet.

Shot 2: Riley Nash samples the pillow quality of Steve Oleksy's elbow.

Shot 3: Jason Chimera looks skyward after scoring his first goal of the season. Does anyone wonder if he was giving thanks that it didn't take 28 games this season?

Shot 5: Are Alex Ovechkin and Troy Brouwer crossing the streams?

Shot 6: Ovechkin: "That's okay guys, I'll just be over here."

Shot 10: Anton Khudobin: "Coach tell me he write book. I misunderstand what book about?"

Shot 15: What it's really like inside Verizon Center.

Shot 16: Stickum may not have the same usefulness in hockey as it once did in football, but perhaps there are times it would be helpful. Just ask Jeff Skinner.

Shot 18: John Erskine can throw his weight around.