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Jason Chimera Scores, Stuns Khudobin (and World)

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A benign-looking shot on net for the big winger has the Caps up early, 1-0 over the Hurricanes

Greg Fiume

Last season it took Jason Chimera 28 games to get his first goal of the season, a lengthy stretch that took him well into March of the lockout-shortened season. And while he talked about feeling young and ready to put last season behind him, all of us were surely wondering... would it happen again?

Fear not, Caps fans. Our long - "long" - national nightmare is over, as a seemingly routine shot on net by Chimera seemed to completely mystify Carolina goalie Anton Khudobin and not only gave the Caps the lead over their Metropolitan Division rivals but ended his schneid at a crisp four games.

See the beautiful tally below:

Oh, and take note - it was an even-strength goal. They actually exist.

Huzzah and congrats, sir!