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The Noon Number

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A look at how Kirk Muller wrote the book on how to stop Alex Ovechkin... and Ovechkin's self-penned sequel


5 - Number of points (three goals, two assists) that Alex Ovechkin has in three games against tonight's opponent, Carolina, since our good buddy Greg Wyshynski opined that 'Canes coach Kirk Muller had "solved" the Caps' captain.

In fact, since that post ran, Ovechkin has scored 27 goals in 26 regular season games (and added 15 assists while averaging 5.5 SOG per game), leading the Caps to an 18-6-2 record, while the Hurricanes have gone 5-16-4 and online bookmakers have Muller as the second-most likely coach in the League to be the next one fired. That "book on Ovechkin" sounds like a real page-turner...

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