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Monday Caps Clips: Hockey Time, Excellent

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: the lockout is over, the lockout ends, the lockout has finished, there's no more lockout and more.

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Your savory (and unlocked) breakfast links:

  • If you missed any "the lockout might be ending soon" and "the lockout is OVER" tidbits from over the weekend (and perhaps some other news, as well) we've got you covered here and here.
  • Oh and by the way, THE LOCKOUT IS (pretty much) OVER. Break out the weagle-shaped confetti! [TSN, @jonasTSN1050, Preds Insider, Denver Post, CSNW, SBNDC, Puck Daddy, CBC, On Frozen Pond, SN, Wash Times (and again), ESPN, Caps, Chicago Tribune]
  • So just what's in this newfangled CBA, and who really "won" or "lost"? [Hockey Inside/Out, Puck Daddy, Wash Times, USA Today (and again), Driving Play, Toronto Star]
  • Word on the street is that the season will be a 48-game schedule kicking off January 19, and that camp is not to start before Saturday. Mark your calendars. [@FriedgeHNIC, Puck Daddy]
  • This won't be the first time the NHL's taken on a lockout-shortened season. In fact, it happened almost exactly twenty years ago - and it was "awesome". [Globe and Mail]
  • All hail Scot Beckenbaugh!! [Yahoo!, Globe and Mail]
  • The Caps react to the end of the lockout. If they're anything like me, those reactions involved many words that can't be repeated here. [CSNW, WaPo, TSN (video)]
  • The Hershey Bears seem pretty happy about the end of the lockout, too... of course the happiest ones are the ones who likely will be leaving Hershey because of it, but still. [Patriot-News (and again)]
  • Speaking of former Bears headed back to Washington, Dmitry Orlov is expected to begin skating this week after missing the last two weeks with an undisclosed injury. Good timing, Dima. [RMNB]
  • Speaking of former Bears headed back to Washington (Part Deux), hopefully Braden Holtby is bidding adieu to the AHL for good. [LD News]
  • Troy Brouwer to Caps fans: "We're very sorry". Ted Leonsis to Caps fans: "Thanks to all of you for your patience, support and understanding during this process" Caps fans: [bleeped] [CSNW (and again), Caps]
  • The lockout may be over at last, but what kind of damage has been left in its wake - and how can it be repaired? [ESPN, WaPo, CBC, Globe and Mail (and again)]
  • It's time to come home, boys... [Sportsnet, WaPo (and again), Wash Times, Japers' Rink]
  • ...although one hopes that most of them get back using reasonable methods of transportation and aren't simply dropped off at a gas station. Poor Marcus. [Yahoo!, RMNB]
  • Before viewing these lockout timelines, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that it's all in the past. Ugh. [Wash Times, DCSP]
  • Looking ahead at what's in store for the Caps, including a potential goalie controversy. Hooray! [Wash Times, Caps Basketball]
  • The Caps, they are excited - and they took to Twitter to tell us about it. [@mneuvirth30, @JohnCarlson74, @WojtekWolski86 (and again), @GreenLife52 (and again and again), @tbrouwer20, @MattHendy26 (and again), @Holts170]
  • Happy 48th birthday to Yves Beaudoin, happy 45th to Mike Rosati, happy 41st to Donald Brashear, happy 47th to Randy Burridge, and happy 57th to Mike Liut.
  • And finally, since everyone else is doing it, special thanks to all of you for sticking with us during the lockout (or for coming back now that it's over). Hockey's back, baby!