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Thursday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● "System-wise, it’s just going to be correct hockey. We’re going to be a smart, aggressive team." There's a new sheriff in town. [CSNW]

● There's also a new potential top-six forward in town, and he's already had coffee with Coach. [Caps365 (video)]

Thurgood Marshall Elementary looked a whole lot prettier after Slapshot and a certain new centerman stopped by with a few cans of paint and an army of volunteers. [Caps365 (video)]

● Fantasizing up the Southeast. [THW]

● Every time we read about Evgeny Kuznetsov lately, "Call Me Maybe" comes up on the ol' iPod. Every. Freaking. Time. It's uncanny. [RMNB]

● The Hershey Bears press corps lost one of its finest alumni this week, and his colleagues pay tribute. Rest well, Zig. [Patriot-News, Capitals Voice, LancasterOnline]

● Vote early, vote once. []

● Today in CBA chatter. [, SB Nation DC]

● Finally, here's a way to spend some of that money you'll be saving in Caps tickets: The $400 Rod Langway bobblehead. [Caps Outsider]

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