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Oates Named "Co-Coach" of Hershey

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In a somewhat interesting move, the Capitals have announced that head coach Adam Oates will serve as "co-coach" of the Hershey Bears for the duration of the NHL lockout. Per Vogs:

With the NHL’s lockout ongoing, Caps general manager George McPhee decided that it would be best for his coaches and for the organization’s players in Hershey and Reading to benefit from the addition coaching and instruction that can be provided by the Washington staff.

For the time being, Oates and French will serve as co-coaches of the Bears.

"Mark French and Adam Oates will be co-coaches and they will work together and both will be very involved with the day-to-day [operations] of the team," says McPhee.

Vogs has much more on the move, so be sure to click through, but if you were hoping for signs that the lockout might come to a quick conclusion... this ain't one.