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Thursday Caps Clips

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He wouldn't <em>really</em> leave us... right? (Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)
He wouldn't really leave us... right? (Geoff Burke-US PRESSWIRE)

Your savory breakfast links:

● There will be no NHL hockey in the month of September, as the League officially cancels preseason games through the 30th. Refunds for everyone! Hooray! [NHL, Puck Daddy, Slap Shot]

● There will be AHL hockey, though, as the Bears continue to gear up for their season. Of note: tickets to the December 6 showcase at Verizon are now on sale. [LDNews]

● All Alex Ovechkin, all the time:

○ It's official: A streamlined Ovechkin will once again be lacing 'em up for Dynamo. [NBCW, PHT, Alex Ovetjkin (and again), WashTimes, CSNW]

○ It's fine: Ovechkin's teammates support him lacing 'em up for Dynamo. [CSNW]

○ It's posturing: Ovechkin threatens to continue lacing 'em up for Dynamo indefinitely if salaries are rolled back. [WaPo, SBNDC, PHT]

● So Ovechkin will get paid in the KHL while Patrik Berglund will play in Sweden for free... thus proving that 8 32 is obviously the greediest bastard in the NHLPA. And probably kicks puppies. [Puck Daddy]

● As the lockout stretches on, the number of Caps showing up to use the non-NHL locker rooms at Kettler is dwindling... [CSNW]

● ...leaving plenty of fresh ice for the Caps' coaching staff to get in a little workout of their own. [WaPo]

● Yesterday we learned that Caps' employees would be spared layoffs and salary cuts during the lockout. Others haven't been so lucky, and now it turns out the NHL's workers won't be, either. [Puck Daddy, WashTimes]

● A look ahead at Dmitry Orlov's season-to-be. [Peerless]

● Oooh... shiny! A new mask with an old friend on it for Michal Neuvirth. [RMNB]

● Hockey Prospectus unveils their top 100 NHL prospects, with a couple of Caps' hopefuls checking in as the creme de la creme. [Hockey Prospectus, Dump 'n Chase]

● Meanwhile on a slightly less uplifting list, a couple of other Caps check in as having some pretty decent trade value. [Angus Certified]

● Swedes. Golfing. Swedesgolfing. (And feel free to leave that lid at home, Nicky.) [Hockeyramblings]

● With no money coming in, what are a bunch of unemployed players to do? Have a bake sale, of course! ...Crabb Cakes, anyone? [Peerless]

● Hey, there's always baseball! (At least for a little while longer.) [Caps Basketball]

● Catching up with former Caps' goaltender (and current financial planner/grandpa) Bernie Wolfe. [Examiner]

● Finally, happy 62nd birthday to Bill Riley.

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