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Monday Caps Clips

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Martin Rose - Bongarts/Getty Images

Your slightly unsavory breakfast links:

● ... a-a-a-and scene. [, (video), WaPo (and again and again), WashTimes, CSNW (and again), Puck Daddy, PHT, Puckhead, DSP, Sick Unbelievable, RMNB, Caps Across the Pond]

○ The players reveal their plans, as best they can. [WashTimes, CSNW]

○ The fans have some thoughts too. [WaPo, CSNW, HockeyShopped, CapitaLOLs]

○ The proprietors of Hockeyfights issue a statement. [@hockeyfights]

○ Won't someone think of the puppies! [Caps B-Ball]

○ Oh, right ... the lockout affects players at the AHL and ECHL levels as well. [Wheeling Nailers]

● Finally, С Днем Рождения to Alex Ovechkin, who turns 27 today ... [RMNB, Capitals Outsider, DSP]

○ ...if only anyone could find him. [Alex Ovetjkin, (GTrans, original)]

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