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Friday Caps Clips

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<em>via <a href="" target="new">The Blonde Girl's Guide...</a></em>
via The Blonde Girl's Guide...

Your savory breakfast links:

● Notes and assorted whatnot from out at Kettler:

Mike Green is looking like... Mike Green. [CSNW]

Joel Ward on his man-area and other less-sensitive topics. [Caps365 (video), WaPo]

○ Several veteran AHLers under contract with the Caps were put on super-special "work stoppage ahoy!" waivers yesterday so that they could ply their trade in Hershey if... well, you know. [Dump 'n Chase, WaPo, WashTimes]

○ Pics from yesterday's informal pracky. Le sigh. [The Blonde Girl's Guide...]

● Of course, the big news of the day took place far from Ballston, and it wasn't particularly good news. Hint: rhymes with "knockout." [National Post, CSNW (and again), WaPo, WashTimes, Caps Outsider]

● Speaking of which, here's a look at the email that the Caps sent their season ticket holders last night. [@JapersRink]

● And speaking of The Owner, here's a take on the calculus that might be going on in his mind these days. [CapsCast]

Troy Brouwer has a new deal, which is good for him... but is it good for the team? [WaPo]

Brooks Laich is on a boat, take a look at B., straight flowin' on a boat on the deep blue sea; bustin' five knots, wind whipping out his coat, you can't stop Brooks Laich, 'cause he's on a boat. [Shy Magazine]

● Laich, Green and Nicklas Backstrom are racking up the assists... off the ice. [Caps365 (video), CSNW, Caps Outsider, DSP]

● Chattin' up Dick Patrick on a wide range of topics. [WashTimes]

● Fans from a different era (perhaps the Paleozoic... zing!) will appreciate this take on Caps-as-Hollywood-types. [Peerless]

● Blog housekeeping note: the fine gents who started out as squires and eventually rose to the ranks of Knuble's Knights are now Mighty Morphin Brouwer Rangers. Ward's Wards got screwed. [RMNB]

● Finally, happy 62nd birthday to Orest Kindrachuk and happy 54th to Craig Laughlin.

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