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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● The latest installment in Puck Daddy's summer series The Essentials features a familiar team and an even more familiar byline. We'll try to keep him grounded, folks. [Puck Daddy]

● It may be hot out and hockeyless everywhere, but never fear - John Walton is here to provide us all with a refreshing dose of Caps' news in this week's Off-season Update. [Caps365]

● Caps superfan Pat Sajak's rookie card loses a fair bit of value thanks to some scene-stealing guy in a bird shirt. [RantSports]

● As the Olympics bring new sports to new fans, one Caps fan reflects on his personal journey from hockey newbie to tried-and-true diehard. [Hockeyshopped]

● A look at Braden Holtby's upcoming season - pros, cons and what's to come. [The Hockey House]

● And speaking of Holtby, how do his first 20 games compare to some other young pups in net? [CBSSports]

● No hockey and no live Olympics make some people... something something. [Caps B-Ball]

● Some of the old gang just can't say goodbye to their old stomping grounds. [Caps Outsider]

● Remember Caps Tattoo Guy? Well, he's now Caps Tattoo Guy/actor/model. Seriously. [Caps Outsider]

● Notes from World Juniors camp(s). [CSNW]

● Former Caps' goalie Bernie Wolfe goes from making saves to making savings as a financial planner. With a career GAA of 4.17 over four seasons, here's hoping for his clients' sake that he's better at the latter. [JustLuxe]

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