PS3 NHL 13 GM league at SCoC

With the release of EA's NHL 13 fast upon us, Stanley Cup of Chowder is organizing a league for the game's new "GM Connected" mode. I don't know how many of you on this site are PS3 gamers, but we thought it might be fun to get some rival teams' fans in on the action and are reaching out across the SBNation.

If anyone from Japers' is interested in participating, you can see our rules and details here

We're presently a 15 team league and are looking to have a full 30 user controlled teams, with all games played one-on-one, no co-play or simming. Sorry to any XBox folks, but we're not currently organizing anything for that system. Our friends at Days of Y'Orr already took care of that need and I'm afraid they're full up.

Come on over and sign up if you'd like to join, and lets hope this isn't the only NHL hockey played this season...

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