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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

John Carlson isn't worried about not having a contract and doesn't seem too bothered by the current labor strife. Mellow dude. [WaPo here and here (with mention of a half-dozen Caps and an enemy skating out at Kettler), WashTimes, NBC4 Washington, PHT]

● Imagine an NHL without free agency or trades. The owners' latest collective bargaining proposal? Nah, just a thought exercise. [Eye On Hockey]

Mike Ribeiro: surging. [Puck Daddy]

● Dynamo Moscow believes the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Oh, and by "the children," they don't mean yours, Mama Ovechkina. [Puck Daddy, Alex Ovetjkin, RMNB]

● Vityaz, on the other hand, could be interested... in publicly claiming interest, at least. [R-Sport]

● Mike Ribeiro: Beautifying. [Hockey Shopped]

● I'm not saying there won't be NHL hockey this year... but perhaps the release of the Bears' promotional schedule is of a little more interest this time around. [Bears]

● Goodbye and good luck to a great adopted local (with Caps ties), Chris Cooley. [Caps Outsider, Capitals Overtime, @ovi8]

● Finally, happy 52nd birthday to Tim Tookey.

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