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Monday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● In the event of an NHL lockout, Dynamo GM Andrey Safronov has apparently set his sights on Alex Ovechkin... [R-Sport, WaPo]

● ...something he might need to run by the club's president first. Unless "I don't see any prestige in it" is some quirky Russian colloquialism for "gee, I love that guy". [RIA Novosti, Puck Daddy]

● None of this seems to be bothering the big man himself, though, as Ovi continued his role as Supportive Boyfriend at this weekend's New Haven Open. [@newhavenopen]

● In non-Alex Ovechkin news, new Cap Mike Ribeiro spent his weekend endearing himself to his new community as he took part in Beautification Day. [CapsOT, Capitals Outsider]

● Guessing at the opening night lineup. [RtR]

● Unspinning the Michal Neuvirth drama. [Chirps]

● Over in Sweden, Marcus Johansson's team beat out Nicklas Backstrom's crew in MPC's celebrity golf tournament. Poor Nick... guess he'll just have to settle for that whole being a better center thing. [MPC]

● And finally, a very happy 50th birthday to new bench boss Adam Oates.

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