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Thursday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Easing on down the road to Hockeygeddon with the Cousins. [Peerless]

When you chat about your coworkers in Czech to the press back home, how might your words be received in the locker room at work? [CSNW (video)]

Related: in classic Washington press conference protocol, remarks were revised and clarified. [RMNB]

● Who would you rather ... trade for Bobby Ryan? [Rant Sports]

Rod knows baseball. In which Phil Chenier and the Secretary of Defense provide some cross-sport hobnobbery for Caps and Bullets' season ticket holders at Nationals Park. [DSP]

More cross-sport hobnobbery - Alex Ovechkin, Stanislav Galiev, and Sergey Kostenko took in a little metric football at RFK. [kostenkosergey1]

And even more - Nicklas Backstrom and Marcus Johansson will be playing in a golf tourney today, along with Jacob Markstrom. [My News Desk]

● Before there was Horn Guy, before there was Goat, there was ... this guy. [SI]

● Finally, hockey hot seats come in many shapes. This one just happens to be shaped like Sergei Fedorov as he takes on the challenge of GM'ing a once-storied franchise back to glory. [IIHF]

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