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Wednesday Caps Clips


Your savory breakfast links:

● Labor! Labor! Labor! The day in "What to expect when you're expecting a lockout." [WashTimes, WaPo, Puck Daddy, TSN, CSNW (and again), PHT, TFP, Peerless, mc79hockey]

● Five pressing questions facing the Caps (beyond "Will there be hockey this year?"). [Rant Sports]

● There may be no one on the planet more bullish on Alex Ovechkin than EA Sports. [Puck Daddy]

Thomas Wilson vs. Russia - who've you got? [CSNW, Capitals Outsider]

● Very cool upcoming local USA Hockey event with strong Caps ties. [USA Hockey]

● Finally, happy 37th birthday to Brendan Morrison, happy 43rd birthday to James Black, and happy 58th birthday to Roland Stoltz.

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