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Friday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● The Caps signed a pair of their restricted free agents yesterday... [WashTimes, DCEx, SN]

● ... first inking Mathieu Perreault to a two-year deal (and what sounds like an increased role)... [Japers' Rink, Capitals, Dump 'n Chase, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, DCEx, 106.7 The Fan (with conference call audio), PHT, SB Nation DC (with this prescient pre-announcement look at Perreault's potentially expanding role), DSP, Sick Unbelievable, RtR]

● ... then locking up Jay Beagle for three years. [Japers' Rink, Capitals, WashTimes, WaPo, CSNW, 106.7 The Fan, PHT, SB Nation DC, RtR, The Checking Line]

● The Caps' other RFA with arbitration rights, Mike Green, declined to exercise those rights, so hopefully we'll be discussing a new deal for him sooner rather than later. [SB Nation DC]

Matt Hendricks mic'd up is never a bad idea. [Caps365 (video)]

● Hey, the Caps were Sportscenter's most talked about hockey team for a week, which can only be Lindsay Czarniak's doing. [NBC4 Washington]

● The ol' barn's afire! [Patriot-News (with killer pics), LDN (with more killer pics), RtR]

● Looks like Steffen Soberg won't be the only Norwegian at Development Camp. [RMNB, and if you happen to read their language (Soberg's, not RMNB's), here's an article just for you]

● On Alan May and Mike Milbury. [RMNB]

● Which of Ted's teams has had the better summer so far? [FanSpeak]

● Finally, if you're in Toronto on July 12th, you can play ping pong with Joel Ward, Joe Reekie and other current and former NHLers, if that's your thing. And it is. [NHLPA]

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