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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Programming note: check back later this morning for Part I of our Q&A with Ted Leonsis. #everyonelovespreviews

● So here it is the last day of July and the question is "Are the Caps, on paper, better than they were when they played their last game?" [CSNW]

● The Southeast is shaping up to be quite a race. [DCEx]

● Can't be emphasized enough: keep in mind the League-wide trend regarding power-play opportunities when setting expectations for offensive production. [Peerless]

● "Joel Ward did not commit the foul that led to our long summer. We did. We, the fans, committed a season-misconduct foul against our team’s highest spiritual good." Positivity, y'all - it's on you. [Capital Spirit]

● Know how I know it's a slow news day? Because we're linking to posts about how Matt Hendricks' bobblehead looks like John Carlson's... [Capitals Outsider]

● ... and blown-up stills of girlfriends' ring fingers. [RMNB]

● How "a typical girl" became a hockey fan. [Caps Basketball]

● Former Cap (and, more notably, Bear) Freddy Cassivi is giving back in Central PA. [Patriot-News]

● Finally, happy 52nd birthday to Dale Hunter, who used to be the Caps' head coach (don't know whether or not you newer fans knew that little nugget).

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