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Monday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

Alex Ovechkin, Olympic ambassador. [@Ovi8 (one, two, three), @BrettHaber, (video), Half Smokes]

Nicklas Backstrom has a new summer training regimen and it sounds terrific. Too bad it's behind the pay wall. [Aftonbladet (link in Swedish)]

Sizing up the Southeast. [The Rat Trick]

● Say it ain't so, Sasha. [Caps B-Ball]

● How the signing of goalie prospect Sergei Kostenko may affect the Caps' goaltending depth charts and reluctant draft pick Steffen Soberg. [CSNW]

● The Verizon Center is nearly set to become more electric. [WaPo]

● Finally, a hearty happy seventh blogiversary to Peerless and the cousins. Whippersnappers.

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