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Saturday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Complete coverage from Day One, A.S. (After Sasha):

○ Nice deal, 'Canes. [Puck Daddy, Grantland, SB Nation, TSN, Capitals Outsider]

○ Semin's got a gift - when he was a baby, the gods reached down and turned his wrist shot into a thunderbolt. Or something. [Backhand Shelf]

○ How Bruce Boudreau helped to land Sasha in Raleigh. [CSNW]

○ Vegas says Semin is a game-changer for Carolina... [Lord Stanley's Blog]

○ ... where he "should really help Eric." [Lord Stanley's Blog]

○ The signing was also a game-changer for at least one Caps fan. [Make Lemons...]

○ The Hurricanes are also a great fit for Semin, metaphorically speaking. [SI (and that's one hell of a jersey foul in the background of the pic)]

○ He'll be missed here in D.C. [D.C. Pro Sports Report]

○ Why wasn't Rick Nash subjected to the same treatment by the MSM that Semin was? [Backhand Shelf]

○ And this concludes our extensive coverage of Carolina Hurricanes players.

● In actual Caps news, 2012 draftee Sergei Kostenko has signed with Hershey, meaning he can play there or at ECHL Reading this upcoming season (of course, he could play in Washington, if the Caps were to sign him at some point). [Capitals, CSNW, Patriot-News]

● If you think "success" is easily defined, well, you're wrong. [Ted's Take]

● The pundits at CSNW held a live chat and answered questions incisive and otherwise. [CSNW]

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