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Tuesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● On Monday, the Caps locked up one of their two remaining restricted free agents, inking Mike Green to a three-year, $18.25 million deal.

○ Questions abounded before the deal was struck... [Puck Daddy, RtR]

○ ... but it got done... [Capitals, Ted's Take, WWaPo, WashTimes, CSNW (and again), 106.7 The Fan, NBC4 Washington, SB Nation DC, PHT, DSP (and again), RMNB, HomerMcFanboy, RtR (and again), WNST, Sick Unbelievable, Guest of a Guest]

○ ... and then Green made the radio rounds. [LaVar & Dukes, The Sports Reporters (audio)]

Capitals Convention: the first casualty of the labor strife? [Capitals, Ted's Take, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, RMNB]

● The day in Wolski. [WaPo, Caps Across The Pond]

Adam Oates shows George McPhee's kid a thing or two on the ice. [Caps Basketball]

● Just about time for the Caps to cap their cap? [DCEx]

● If you're so inclined, you can now download the Caps' 2012-13 schedule in a variety of formats so you can be reminded of who they would be playing on a given night in the fall while we all sit around waiting for the labor issues to be resolved. [Capitals]

● The dog days are upon us. [Peerless]

● Down a level, the Bears signed a couple of players - DevCamp standout David Vallorani and Scott Wietecha. [CSNW, Patriot-News, Inside Hockey, Caps Outsider]

● Former Cap (sigh) Mike Knuble discusses his past, present and future. [Kukla's Korner]

Bryan Murray, Hall of Famer? [106.7 The Fan]

● No longer will the boss be taking your emails, so you'll need to find somewhere else for your borderline-sane rantings and ravings. (Yeah, we'll take 'em.) [Ted's Take]

● Finally, happy 22nd birthday to Danick Paquette, I suppose.

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