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Monday Caps Clips

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Sergei Kostenko, via <a href="">Caps In Pictures</a>
Sergei Kostenko, via Caps In Pictures

Your savory breakfast links:

● In the big news of the day, Mike Green has declined to sign his one-year, $5.0mil Qualifying Offer. Negotiations on a different deal with the Caps are said to be ongoing. [DCEx, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, SB Nation DC, PHT, Puckhead]

● Prudence .. [WashTimes]

● ... is all well and good, but, um ... where are the goals going to come from, exactly? [Cheerless]

● Oh hey, perhaps Mike Ribeiro can help create some. [WaPo. SportingNews]

● Rounding up Development Camp:

○ Congrats are in order for DevCamp standout David Vallorani, who confirmed that he has signed a contract with the Hershey Bears. [Caps B-Ball]

○ Caps fans sure love their autographs. [Caps B-Ball]

○ Pix of Day Six. [RMNB]

○ Here are six of the seven goals scored in the final scrimmage. Riley Barber fans will just have to imagine his goal. [@LuvdCaps (video)]

Max Iafrate and Brent Tate have a go. [Ibid.]

○ A Georgetown bike ride and Emma Stone were among the highlights of the last evening of camp. [WashCaps]

○ That was fun, yes? Plus a link the the Caps' stream of the game. [Capitals Voice]

● The day in depressing CBA discussion ... [NYPost, PHT, THW, USA Today]

○ ... and a look at the Caps before and after the last lockout. Bring eye protection. [Sick Unbelievable]

○ In slightly less depressing labor news, the NHL and KHL have a new 8-point Memorandum of Understanding. [PHT, (link in English)]

● Finally, wishing Mikhail Tatarinov a very happy 46th birthday.

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