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Friday Caps Clips

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Photo by Cheryl Nichols, <a href="" target="new">District Sports Page</a>
Photo by Cheryl Nichols, District Sports Page

Your savory breakfast links:

● Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday out at Kettler, where it was Day Four of Development Camp:

○ In general. [Caps365 video (Capitals Report, Oates, Prior, Vallorani), RtR, Caps Basketball, Caps Outsider (pics), RMNB (pics), Caps Across the Pond]

○ Coach Oates: "We'll have no fighting, gentlemen." Campers: "You bet." That worked well. [WashTimes, NBC4, RMNB, CSNW, Caps 101 (video)]

It's been a Camp or three since the Caps have had two first round picks from the same draft on the ice together. [Dump 'n' Chase]

Cam Schilling means to contribute. [WaPo]

Corey Perry? If you say so, Filip Forsberg. [WashTimes]

○ Welcome to the David Vallorani Experience. [Caps B-Ball]

○ Patrick Wey arrived for his fourth DevCamp with his second NCAA title ring and a list of goals. He's already checked off "Come to camp with big beard..." [WaPo]

○ ... and his BC Eagles teammate Barry Almeida made good things happen in Hershey, and hopes to do the same for the Caps. [WaPo]

○ Getting to know Riley Barber. [Caps Outsider]

○ Having one's cake and eating it too: Connor Carrick is giving it a go. [WashTimes]

○ Military Appreciation Night has special meaning for Air Force Academy defenseman Adam McKenzie. [CSNW]

● Who would you rather - Shane Doan or Alex Semin? A question for the ages. [, SI]

● How has your favorite team performed since the lockout? [THW]

● Finally, happy 36th birthday to noted KHL pugilist Darcy Verot, happy 49th birthday to The Can't Miss Kid, and happy 69th birthday to Bill Collins.

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