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Thursday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● In the big news of the day, the Caps signed skilled forward Wojtek Wolski, who is very much looking to a fresh start in D.C. [Capitals, Dump 'n Chase, WaPo, WashTimes, CSNW, 106.7 The Fan, SB Nation DC, RMNB (and again), Caps Outsider, RtR, Sick Unbelievable, Dobber Hockey]

● The team also re-signed Zach Hamill, whom they acquired from Boston in exchange for Chris Bourque back in May. [Capitals, CSNW, RtR]

● Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday out at Kettler, where it was Day Three of Development Camp:

○ In general. [Caps365 video (Capitals Report, Mahoney, French, Schilling, Forsberg, Wilson), RtR, Caps Basketball (blog with pics, pics with pics) DSP (pics), RMNB (pics)]

Cam Schilling seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and hopefully it translates on the ice. [WashTimes, Capitals Voice]

○ For Stas Galiev, next stop Hershey... we think. [Patriot-News]

Tom Wilson continues to impress with his size and how he uses it. [RMNB]

○ The Caps have quite an impressive global representation at Camp. [NBC4 Washington]

○ If he sneezes and no one's around Sergei Kostenko's mask has him covered. [Caps Outsider]

○ Here's a cool video providing "inside access" to the second of the DevCamp scrimmages. [Caps365 (video)]

○ Niagara University is proud of Camp attendee C.J. Chartrain. [NU]

○ Get to know David Vallorani. [RtR]

○ A couple more takes on the "Max Iafrate is trying to make a name for himself" story. [WaPo, CSNW]

● In case you missed it, the annual Caps/Flyers Rookie Game is a go and will be played down here on September 20 [insert standard CBA-related disclaimer here]. [Flyers]

● Just who might be on the short list of Caps assistant coach candidates? [CSNW]

● The day in Alexander Semin news, non-news and opinion (and humor). [LHH, The Rat Trick, FanPost]

● Charting what's happened when over the post-lockout summers. [Peerless]

● Catching up with Bryan Muir. [Capitals]

● Hey, all that advertising works! (Up next, RMNB buys a copier from Ameritel.) [Puck Buddys]

● Nice mancave, dude. [Capitals Overtime]

● And finally, happy birthday to... us! Seven years ago today this bouncing baby blog was born. Thanks to all of you (including my partners-in-crime on the masthead) who have made and continue to make it worth the effort. Cheers, all.

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