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Free Agent Frenzyday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Is this Sayonara Sasha Day?

○ Спасибо for the memories, Alex. [RMNB (and again)]

○ "[T]his ruinous, Jupiterian thunderbolt of a shot..." From the Wayback Machine. [Two-Line Pass]

○ Seven lessons. [Caps Outsider]

● "We won't pay a lot for this muffler free agent." A dramatic reading by George McPhee. [WaPo via Kukla, WNST]

● Tab One: This thread. Tab Two: CapGeek. Tab Three: Twitter. It's go time.

○ Players, programs, etc. [Japers' Rink, Rocking the Red in Pittsburgh, RMNB]

○ Six free agent defensemen who could help the Caps. [CSNW]

Keith Aucoin is rolling the UFA dice and hoping they come up "one-way contract." [Patriot-News]

● Finally, happy 54th birthday to John Barrett.

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