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The Noon Number

10 - Number of years since the Caps had more than one first round pick among the NHL Entry Draft's top-20; in 2002, they selected Steve Eminger 12th, Alexander Semin 13th and Boyd Gordon 17th.

Prior to that, the Caps had multiple top-20 picks in 1996 (Alexandre Volchkov was taken 4th, Jaroslav Svejkovsky 17th), 1994 (Nolan Baumgartner 10th, Alexander Kharlamov 15th), 1993 (Brendan Witt 11th, Jason Alison 17th), 1978 (Ryan Walter 2nd, Tim Coulis 18th), and 1976 (Rick Green 1st, Greg Carroll 15th).

As of now, the Caps hold the 11th and 16th overall picks in the Draft, which will be held on June 22 and 23 in Pittsburgh.