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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Is Terry Murray the answer? I guess that would depend on the question. [106.7 The Fan]

● Are the Rangers the new Penguins (who were the new Flyers)? [RtR]

● Speaking of the Flyers, perhaps the Caps should be thinking about them this week. [CSNW]

● The day in year-end reviews:

Alex Ovechkin... [Peerless]

○ ... Matt Hendricks... [RMNB]

○ ... Jason Chimera... [RtR]

○ ... and Mike Green. [CSNW]

● W H A T _ V _ R. I'd like to buy an "E," Pat. [DC Sports Bog, RtR]

● Ranking the top-five(ish) goalies in Caps history. [THW]

● "Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green Read Their Tweets." Sure, why the hell not? [Mr. I]

● Where does "ranking Alexander Semin fifth-best Russian in the League" rate among the most awful things this guy has done? [CSNW]

● The Bears released the logo for the 2013 Capital BlueCross AHL Outdoor Classic, and it's pretty badass. [Patriot-News, @TheHersheyBears]

● Congrats to Chris Clark on his new gig with the Blue Jackets. [Blue Jackets]

● Finally, happy 38th birthday to Anson Carter.

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