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Monday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● Oh, Alex. [DSP]

● The day in year-end reviews:

Mike Knuble... [Peerless]

○ ... Troy Brouwer... [RtR]

○ ... and Marcus Johansson. [Peerless]

● The top ten Caps' wingers not named Dino Cicarelli... [THW]

...and the top ten players to never win the Stanley Cup. [GHL]

John Carlson was working for his contract extension this weekend. [Caps Outsider]

Goalie depth: The Caps haz it. [Goalie Guild]

● The Blues were able to sign Vlad Tarasenko this weekend, which just serves to remind that Evgeny Kuznetsov stubbornly remains overseas... [RtR]

... and some notes on what being Russian means ... in Russia. [RMNB]

● Another day, another mock draft prediction ... [Arctic Ice Hockey]

... and another day, another mystifying trade proposal from Jim Matheson. [Edmonton Journal]

● Dunno eggzackly what a ECHL protected list is, but the Stingrays have released theirs. []

● Anyone wanna buy a truck? Playoff beard not included. [PHT]

● Finally, happy 38th birthday to Jeff Toms and happy 46th to Nick Kypreos.

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