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Saturday Caps Clips & Open Thread

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Your savory breakfast links:

Alexander Semin looks to be headed to free agency (or, at the very least, headed out of town). [WaPo, CSNW, PHT]

● Will he make like so many recent former Caps and head south for next winter? [SI]

● Wherever Semin ends up, we'll always have the jersey fouls. [Puck Daddy]

● Six free agents who could help the Caps (a.k.a. the top-six free agent forwards)... [CSNW]

● ... but don't get your hopes up. [SB Nation DC]

Adam Oates, the great communicator. [Washingtonian (good read), WaPo, DSP]

● Buy or sell Marcus Johansson being a better fit on the wing than at center going forward? [Nosebleeds]

Braden Holtby chats up Vogs (and vice versa). [Capitals Overtime (video)]

● Speaking of goalies, Martin Brodeur might hit the open market Sunday - should the Caps have interest? [CSNW]

● Looking back at the draft. [Hockey Prospectus]

● The day in year-end reviews:

○ Slapshot. (One only hopes that blogs aren't next.) [RMNB]

● In a minor (league) deal, center Mike Carman has re-signed with the club. You will respect his authoritah. [Capitals, Patriot-News]

● "Commitment." I do not think that word means what Connor Carrick thinks it means. [WCHB]

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