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The Noon Number

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26 - Number of trades George McPhee has made in the month of June, per Pro Sports Transactions. Here are all 26:

Date Acquired Relinquished Notes
6/27/1998 two 1998 fourth round picks (#106-Krys Barch) (#107-Chris Corrinet), 1998 fifth round pick (#118-Mike Siklenka) 1998 third round pick (#79-Evgeny Lazarev / Yevgeny Lazarev) trade with Avalanche
6/21/1999 rights to Jeff Nelson future considerations (cash (LOH)) trade with Predators
6/26/1999 1999 ninth round pick (#249-Igor Shadilov) 2000 seventh round pick (#225-Vladislav Luchkin) trade with Blackhawks
6/1/2000 rights to Stephen Peat 2000 fourth round pick (#124-Michel Ouellet) trade with Mighty Ducks
6/24/2000 2000 second round pick (#43-Matt Pettinger) Miika Elomo, 2000 fourth round pick (#116-Levente Szuper) trade with Flames
6/25/2000 2001 eighth round pick (#249-Matthew Maglione) 2000 eighth round pick (#256-Pasi Saarinen) trade with Sharks
6/25/2000 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Alexander Barkunov) two 2000 seventh round picks (#201-Evgeny Fedorov / Yevgeny Fedorov) (#206-Tim Eriksson) trade with Kings
6/25/2000 2000 fourth round pick (#121-Ryan Van Buskirk) 2000 fifth round pick (#151-Alexander Barkunov), 2000 sixth round pick (#193-Joey Martin) trade with Blackhawks
6/23/2001 2002 second round pick (#55-Denis Grot) 2001 second round pick (#61-Andreas Holmqvist) trade with Lightning
6/12/2002 2002 first round pick (#13-Alexander Semin) 2002 first round pick (#26-Martin Vagner), 2002 second round pick (#42-Marius Holtet), 2003 sixth round pick (#185-Francis Wathier) trade with Stars
6/22/2002 Petr Sykora (b) 2003 conditional third round pick (#89-Paul Brown) trade with Predators
6/1/2003 2003 fourth round pick (#109-Andreas Valdix) 2003 fourth round pick (#123-Dany Stewart), 2003 seventh round pick (#217-Oskari Korpikari) trade with Canadiens
6/20/2003 2003 ninth round pick (#279-Mark Olafson) 2004 ninth round pick (#263-Travis Morin) trade with Senators
6/30/2003 Dmitry Yushkevich 2004 seventh round pick (?-?) trade with Flyers
6/26/2004 2004 third round pick (#88-Clayton Barthel) 2005 third round pick (#75-Perttu Lindgren) trade with Stars
6/24/2006 2007 fourth round pick (#108-Brett Bruneteau) 2006 fifth round pick (#137-Tomas Zaborsky) trade with Rangers
6/22/2007 2007 second round pick (#41-Kevin Marshall), 2008 second round pick (#57-Eric Mestery) 2007 first round pick (#28-Nick Petrecki) trade with Sharks
6/23/2007 2007 sixth round pick (#154-Dan Dunn), 2008 fourth round pick (#93-Braden Holtby) 2007 fourth round pick (#95-Alec Martinez) trade with Kings
6/23/2007 2007 third round pick (#84-Phil Desimone), 2008 second round pick (#58-Dmitri Kugryshev / Dmitry Kugryshev) 2007 second round pick (#41-Kevin Marshall) trade with Flyers
6/20/2008 2008 first round pick (#21-Anton Gustafsson) 2008 first round pick (#23-Tyler Cuma), 2008 second round pick (#54-Patrice Cormier) trade with Devils
6/20/2008 2008 first round pick (#27-John Carlson) Steve Eminger, 2008 third round pick (#84-Jacob DeSerres) trade with Flyers
6/27/2009 2010 fifth round pick (#142-Caleb Herbert) Sami Lepisto trade with Coyotes
6/26/2010 2010 fourth round pick #112-Philipp Grubauer) 2010 fourth round pick (#116-Petter Granberg), 2010 fifth round pick (#146-Daniel Brodin) trade with Maple Leafs
6/2/2011 Taylor Stefishen 2013 conditional seventh round pick (if Stefishen appears on the Capitals reserve list as a signed NHL contracted player for 1 day or more during the 2011-12 or 2012-13 league years) (?-?) trade with Predators
6/24/2011 Troy Brouwer 2011 first round pick (#26-Phillip Danault) trade with Blackhawks
6/4/2012 2012 seventh round pick (?-?) Tomas Vokoun trade with Penguins