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Saturday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

Mike Green thinks the Caps are close... but will he be here to see things through? [CSNW, Puck Daddy, SB Nation DC, with Green's "By the Tens" review at Peerless]

Nicklas Backstrom sits down with Mike Vogel for a one-on-one exit interview. [Caps365 (video)]

● Lessons learned from the Dale Hunter Era. [WaPo]

● Would Alexander Semin be a fit on the Island? And what might the Caps be looking for this summer? [THN, with more sizing up the summer at RLS]

Dennis Wideman would love to return to D.C. next year, but he and the Caps are likely too far apart on salary, term and role to make it work. [WashTimes]

● Buy or sell: "[Evgeny Kuznetsov]'s value on May 18, 2012 also still far exceeds that of a first-round draft pick in 2013." [DCEx (good read)]

Mike Knuble isn't done yet. Well, isn't done with the NHL, at least. [KOL]

● Looking back at John Erskine's 2011-12. [RtR]

● ESPN's "best" moments of the playoffs might not fit Caps fans' definition of the word. [ESPN]

● Handing out Caps fight and rookie of the year awards. [RtR, RtR]

Alex Ovechkin is the world's 11th most marketable athlete. [Alex Ovetjkin]

● A digital portrait of Braden Holtby that's so life-like you wonder why someone spent 79 hours doing it. But... cool? [Capitals Outsider]

● You can watch Stas Galiev in the Memorial Cup tonight, if you so desire. [WashTimes]

● Finally, happy 20th birthday to Kuznetsov, who recently lost a hardest shot contest to... a fan?

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