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Monday Caps Clips

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Your savory breakfast links:

● It's Breakdown Day. The questions, they loom ... [DCEx, RtR, WaPo, OFB]

○ ... Dale Hunter, for example. London's calling ... [LFP]

○ ... Alexander Semin's future gets potentially more enigmatic as the KHL announces they will suspend their salary cap for one player per team who returns to Russia from the NHL ... [PHT]

... and there's some other guys looking for contracts, with handy chart. [WaPo]

● Unmet expectations ... [WashTimes, DCEx, CSNW]

○ ... and a promising reinvention that still fell short ... [WaPo,, THW,, Hockey Hourly]

○ ... but ultimately, defeated by the superior team. [WashTimes]

● More appreciation for Braden Holtby. [WaPo, PHT, WashTimes]

● Through two rounds, no team played shorthanded more that the Caps, and lots of other interesting numbers. [RMNB]

● Lies, damn lies, statistics, and Alex Ovechkin []

● Ovi, Alex Syomin, and Nicklas Bäckström will play for Sbornaya and Tre Kronor at the World Championship. [WashTimes, IIHF, Hockey Ramblings]

● Reflections on a red-rocking rookie season. [Caps B-Ball]

● It was long past time to launder that jersey, gents. [Puck Buddys]

● Media notes: Lots o' Caps radio this morning. You can catch Alan May from 8-10am on ESPN 980, and Braden Holtby will be on WTOP at 8:50am.

● Here's more on David Bondra and his decision to become a Spartan. [Detroit News (video), s/t to sk84fun_DC]

● Programming note: Our annual Rink Wrap feature kicks off today at 11. Karl Alzner is up first, so kennel the dogs and get your gold stars ready.

● Finally, happy 44th birthday to Steve Seftel.

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