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The Noon Number

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-16 - Capitals' special teams goal differential*, second-worst in the NHL ahead of only Tampa Bay (minus-24; Pittsburgh leads the League at plus-24).

While the Caps' power-play and penalty-kill are both ranked right around 20th in the League, the fact that the team is near the bottom of the League in power-play opportunities and in the bottom-half in times shorthanded results in that ugly 29th-ranked minus-16.

Under Dale Hunter, the Caps are minus-11 (20 PPG, 27 PPGA, 5 SHGA, 1 SHG) in 43 games, which prorates to roughly minus-21 over a full season, and have finished just one of the last 12 and four of the last 27 games with a positive differential after having a negative differential in just three of the first 16 games following the coaching change.

* Special teams goal differential equals power-play goals-for minus shorthanded goals-against minus power-play goals-against plus shorthanded goals-for.