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The Noon Number

7 - Caps' high-water mark for the season in terms of wins-minus-regulation-losses. The previous seven times they hit that mark, they lost the next game, but will try again tonight, at home against Winnipeg. The previous seven attempts, and the results:

Record Result
7-0-0 2-1 loss at Edmonton
9-2-0 5-3 loss at N.Y. Islanders
24-17-2 3-0 loss vs. N.Y. Islanders
25-18-2 3-0 loss at Carolina
26-19-3 4-3 OT loss at Tampa Bay
26-19-4 4-2 loss at Florida
27-20-4 4-1 loss to Boston
28-21-4 ???

(H/t brooksengr)