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Monday Caps Clips: Deadline Day

Your savory breakfast links:

  • By 3:00 this afternoon, George McPhee will have made his moves, and it'll be up to the players themselves the rest of the way. Stick with us throughout the day as news breaks, but first, read up on some last-minute deadline thoughts. [WaPo, RMNB, Peerless, OFB, Blonde Girl's Guide, Homer]
  • A couple of good wins over mediocre teams has the Caps headed back in the right direction, but they've got to keep it going. [WashTimes]
  • Secondary scoring shows up, Caps win. Imagine that. [WaPo, WashTimes]
  • One of those secondary (or tertiary... perhaps quaternary, or maybe even quinary) scorers, Keith Aucoin, was sent back to Hershey yesterday, but could be back soon, depending on how today plays out. [WashTimes]
  • Speaking of Aucoin, a way-too-many-frames breakdown of his goal from Saturday. [RMNB]
  • Looking back at the week that was... [Peerless, KOL]
  • ... and looking forward... [DSP]
  • ... hopefully. [Capital Spirit]
  • Get to know Killer Kaminski, kids. [THN, which also apparently ran a Jeff Schultz piece that we let slip through the cracks from a week ago]
  • Finally, be sure to check out CSN Washington's trade deadline wrap-up show with Kellie Cowan, Joe Beninati, Alan May, myself and others streaming live at 3:00 (here, assuming the embed works, or at CSNW). [CSNW]

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