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The Noon Number

1021 - The Caps' all-situation PDO1 under Dale Hunter, via 9.9 shooting (83 for 835) and .922 (940 for 1020) save percentages.

As a point of reference, only three teams have higher PDOs over the course of the 2011-12 campaign so far - the New York Rangers (1030), Boston Bruins (1029) and Vancouver Canucks (1023) - and Hunter's Caps would rank fifth in shooting percentage and sixth in save percentage if compared to the rest of the NHL, season-to-date. The three teams ahead of the Caps have a combined record of 104-45-13; the Caps under Hunter are 16-13-4.

As a further point of reference, Bruce Boudreau's 2011-12 Caps had a PDO of 992 (10.2 Sh%, .890 Sv%) on the heels of a 2010-11 PDO of 1005 (8.5 Sh%, .920 Sv%) and a 2009-10 PDO of 1027 (11.6 Sh%, .910 Sv%).

1 PDO is 1,000*(S%+SV%), and generally tends to regress to 1,000. For some more thoughts on the metric, head over to Arctic Ice Hockey here, here and here and, for a somewhat contrary view, Hockey Analysis.