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Power Rankings Roundup: Week 17

Our weekly temperature-taking of the mainstream media's opinions on the Washington Capitals.

Outlet This Week Last Week What They're Saying
- 13 Pending.
12 13 One of the other stupid controversies from last week: Alex Ovechkin and the NHL All-Star game. Whether you agree with his decision to back out of the game or not, the fact remains that no matter what he did people were going to find a way to complain about it.
14 16 Can the Caps finally put away the pesky Panthers for the Southeast Division lead or will it be a race to the end?
15 15 Alex Ovechkin : It always seems to be about Alex, doesn’t it? With injuries to Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green, Washington’s best players have to perform like their best players every single night. It starts with their captain.
11 12 All-Star Game holdout Alex Ovechkin can make amends by leading Caps to another division title
12 14 Thanks to a 5-2-1 run to the break, the Capitals have taken the lead in the Southeast away from the Panthers. Is it inevitable that they run away with the division now?
- 15 Pending.
- 17 Pending.

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