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Backstrom Returns to Sweden... To Renew His Visa

Nicklas Backstrom deals with bureaucracy and life in the KHL


Nicklas Backstrom is back home in Sweden for a short visit. Even though the visit was brief, he still had some time chat with his hometown paper Arbetarbladet before he flies back to Moscow today.

When Backstrom signed with Dynamo Moscow, everything happened in a hurry, so he has only held a temporary visa since he arrived in Moscow. Now that temporary visa needs to be renewed, and Backstrom needs to pay the Russian embassy in Stockholm a visit. Backstrom also made a short to his hometown Gävle. “I’m not quite sure how long my new visa will be valid. I guess I will take as long term as they are willing to give me,” Backstrom says.

Backstrom also had time to visit to his hometown Gävle.

Both Elitserien and the KHL are on an international breake right now, and some of the players are away playing in Karjala Cup and other tournaments. But Nicklas will still return back to Moscow today to continue practicing with Dynamo.

He is pretty pleased with his own performance so far.

“We have won four of the five games I played in. For me personally, I think... I have been alright.” Backstrom has scored a goal and picked up two assist so far. At the end of November his parents will come for a visit and get a chance to see him play in some games. By then Nicklas probably has made some changes with his living arrangements.

"I still live at the clubs training center [Novogorsk] but I will move out soon, we will see where to, I think maybe I will stay at a hotel,” he says.

Just as before, he is closely following the developments in the NHL Lockout talks.

Dynamo Moscow will play their next game on Wednesday against Vityaz.