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Thursday Caps Clips: No Comment

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Loose lips sink ships, and nobody's talkin' so the USS Lockout is still afloat. Plus, Hull and Oates are ready to make their reunion tour, and maybe Ovi should shoot ... less.

Shoooooooooooot, MattyP! Shoot!
Shoooooooooooot, MattyP! Shoot!
Greg Fiume

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Lockout linkies:
    • League: "No comment."[PHT]
    • Players: "No comment. But we're meeting again on Thursday." [PHT, and again]
    • Time to Fehr or cut bait. [SportsNet]
    • Say, if the season started in the first of December... [Puck Daddy]
    • Canadian hockey fans must be drowning their sorrows with Yeungling or somethin'. [WSJ]
  • With all the votes counted and re-election secured, it is time for the First Fan to finally attend a hockey game already. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hmm. Mathieu Perreault should really shoot more, and Alex Ovechkin should maybe shoot... less? [NHL Numbers]
  • A Braden Holtby pictorial. But where are all the closeups of his new bucket? [Capitals Voice]
  • It's Hull and Oates all over again this coming week. []
  • Happy Joe Juneau Appreciation Day! [@WashCaps, RMNB]
  • The World Wide Leader makes a list, and surprisingly, gets some of it wrong. [ESPN]
  • Caps prospect Riley Barber talks about remaking his Pens-fan family into Rockers of the Red. [The Pipeline Show (audio)]
  • Finally, happy 44th birthday to Keith Jones.