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Brouwer, Alzner Respond to Teammates

The lockout - and the Caps' locker room - gets a little more interesting, as Troy Brouwer and Karl Alzner weigh in on recent comments by the Czech contingent.

Bruce Bennett

First it was Roman Hamrlik expressing his displeasure with the way the NHLPA - and more specifically Don Fehr - have handled the lockout thus far.

Then it was Michal Neuvirth backing up Hamrlik's comments (and adding a little spice of his own).

Now things get really interesting, as the Caps' NHLPA representative Troy Brouwer has spoken out against his two Czech teammates:

"Those are two guys that have never been on a conference call, never been to a meeting, never paid attention. People are going to have their own opinions but when you’re fighting for something with 700 other guys, all you’re doing is just making it harder to make a deal and making it harder to accomplish the things we’re fighting for."

"For me, I think those guys selling us out, being selfish like that and making those comments... me being on their team, how am I going to trust them as a teammate from now on? Because you know they’re not going to support players in the big scheme of things when you go and you play on the team with them; it’s going to be tough to want to back those guys from now on."


"It’s frustrating as players having other players come out and say this but we still as a core are very strong. We still believe the same things. We stand by the proposal that we made [Wednesday] and nothing’s going to change."

Meanwhile out in Calgary, fellow teammate Karl Alzner also weighed in on the recent comments - albeit in a slightly more diplomatic fashion:

"The first thought that came into my head is knowing Roman and knowing what he's like. I just had to laugh. Roman's the kind of guy that just takes it as it comes. He says what's on his mind. Whether he thinks it through all the time is another story. He just says it. If he doesn't like practice, he lets you know. If he doesn't like what you did in the game, he lets you know. I think it's just frustration setting in."

Whatever happens with the lockout itself, one thing's for sure - the Caps' locker room is going to be one fun place if and when hockey comes back this year.