Christian Djoos Update (Updated)

After getting hurt in warmups for Brynäs' game against Timrå yesterday, Caps' prospect Christian Djoos underwent knee surgery today. The surgery went well according to a team spokesperson, but both the severity of the injury and the recovery time is unclear at this point.

Djoos was picked in seventh round in 2012 and has had a regular role on the blueline for the reigning Swedish champion Brynäs this year. His ice time has been steadily climbing as the season has progressed and he is averaging 14.33 minutes per game as a 18 year old. That puts him at fourth among rookies in the league in ice time.

Djoos has also been playing for Team Sweden's junior team this season, and is one of the players that is competing for a spot on the Team Sweden's roster for World Juniors in Russia at the end of the year. He, along with the other swedish 2012 draft pick Filip Forsberg, was set to play in a 4 nations tournament in Sundsvall, Sweden later this month.

Given Djoos' surgery today, it's unclear if he will be able to play in the tournament, which is a shame. Unlike Forsberg who is a shoo in to make the world junior squad, Djoos is on the cusp of making the team. A strong performance from him in Sundsvall would mean a lot for his chances of making that final world championship roster.

Update (Nov. 7)

Christian Djoos talked to Gefle Dagblad earlier today about the emergency knee surgery he had last week. The surgery was to fix a meniscus tear, which is an injury that Djoos has had problems with in the past.

"I have had surgery for the same problem twice before. This time they decided to remove the meniscus completely, so that I won't have these problems in the future. The surgery went well, it wasn't a major surgery. I've already thrown away the crutches and I have even began to train a little."

According to the doctors, Djoos will be fully recovered and ready to play again in 1-2 weeks.

“It’s a shame that I will miss out on playing with the national team. That’s something I really had been looking forward to. But in a way, it’s a blessing in disguise because I will end up missing fewer games with Brynäs this way, thanks to the national team break.”

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