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Tuesday Caps Clips: Adam Oates, Hall Passer

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Adam Oates enters the Hall of Fame, the lockout enters... nothing, really, Tom Wilson enters #beastmode and a wee bit more.

Bruce Bennett

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Adam Oates, Hall of Famer. [NHL (video), Caps365 (video, with plenty more coverage as well there and at Capitals Overtime), Capitals Voice, WashTimes (text of acceptance speech here), WaPo, CSNW, PHT, RMNB]
  • Adam Oates, NHL Head Coach... in theory. [National Post, NYT]
  • How Oates and Brett Hull went from inseparable to separated. [SB Nation]
  • The latest on the lockout:
    • The League has the leverage, so the League ultimately will get what it wants... [Sportsnet]
    • ... assuming that Donald Fehr can be reasoned with, which is a by-no-means safe assumption. [THN]
    • Fehr's counterpart is, of course, taking plenty of PR bullets himself. [Sportsnet]
    • Awk. Ward. [Puck Daddy]
    • Meanwhile, Steve Fehr says the sides are close on revenue sharing and that a deal could happen quickly... [WashTimes, TSN]
    • ... while Bill Daly says the players want 65% in Year One. (Good luck reconciling those two points.) [PHT]
    • "But we did not find ourselves reassured; we found ourselves infuriated further. While we recognized ultimate achievements on the ice, we also recognized you have to be on the ice to achieve the ultimate." [Y! Sports]
    • If you thought you'd miss the substance-less mud-slinging leading up to last week's elections, you're in luck - there's plenty to go around in these negotiations. [Spectors Hockey]
    • Uh oh, Sid is frustrated. (Cover your respective man-areas, gents.) [Puck Daddy]
    • Ovi gives his union's boss a vote of confidence. [Alex Ovetjkin, with much more from AO]
    • How the local loyals are coping. [WaPo]
    • So long as 64 is still greater than zero, a 64-game sked sounds good to us. [Peerless]
    • Should the D-word be entering into the Union's vocabulary? [FanPost]
  • What's up, Doc? [RMNB]
  • Tom Wilson is "showing all [the] signs of being a beast." So he's the next Michael Morse? [@TSNBobMcKenzie]
  • Oh, and that was before he blew up Nail Yakupov with a big, clean hit. [YouTube, TSN video (Team OHL players, TSN broadcast crew)]
  • Finally, happy 43rd birthday to Patrik Augusta.