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Sunday Caps Clips: Don't Be A Clown, Bro

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes.

I can haz Twitter?
I can haz Twitter?
Cameron Spencer

Your savory breakfast links short stack pancakes:

  • Best!!!!! ))) [@ovi8, WashTimes, SB Nation, Sporting News, PHT, @mirtle]
  • Personally, I prefer my labor negotiations on the sweet side. Ah well. [WaPo]
  • Oh Donald Fehr, you scamp, you. Now git 'er done. [Puck Daddy, CSNW]
  • One more casualty of the lockout - no Courage Caps this year. [@WashCaps]
  • Lordy lordy, look who's forty.
  • Finally, the Rink extends a fond farewell to two of DC sports' finest bloggers. Dave and Cheryl Nichols of the (late great) Caps/Nats Network News and their excellent District Sports Page are moving to Idaho. Their energy and enthusiasm (not to mention their wordsmithery and photos) will be sorely missed. Bon voyage, Dave and Cheryl.
  • One more: On this and every day, we thank all who have served and are serving in the armed forces, standing watch all 'round the world. Salute.