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Saturday Caps Clips: Then We Are At An Impasse?

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: CBA negotiations take a turn for the worse, Braden Holtby is locked in in Hershey, a couple of Oates notes and more.


Your savory breakfast links:

  • The latest on the lockout:
    • If it was good news when no one knew nothin' about the ongoing negotiations, one could reasonably conclude that once the leaks started again, it was... other-than-good news. [PHT, TSN, Puck Daddy, CBC, StarTribune]
    • Later in the day, that inference became more explicit, and things may be Mike Ricci-ugly again. [CBC, ESPN, Sportsnet, Puck Daddy, PHT, SI]
    • Psst... Gary... Don... you're writing your respective legacies right now. [ESPN]
    • It may only be business, but it sure does seem like crappy business. [OFB]
    • Ultimately, we want hockey as an escape from "real life," not a mirror of it. [Peerless]
  • Slava Fetisov has his sights set on (hockey) world domination, with Alex Ovechkin among his minions. [Toronto Sun]
  • Ovi, btw, is in the best shape of his life (for the umpteenth consecutive fall) thanks to a rigorous workout routine that included carrying tennis rackets and, well, use your imagination. [RMNB]
  • How Adam Oates was nearly a Capital long before Adam Oates actually was a Capital. Cool story. [Dump 'n Chase, with more worthwhile reading on Oates at NBC4 Washington]
  • Someday, presumably, Oates will try to join Dale Hunter, Ben Olsen and good ol' Bucky Harris in an elite group of D.C. sports personalities. [D.C. Sports Bog]
  • "Braden Holtby beats the Penguins" sounds great regardless of where it happens (unless, I suppose, it's at a zoo). [Patriot-News, Capitals Voice, Stucc's, gamesheet, with more Hershey news at Capitals Voice and RtR]
  • Sidenote: Holtby is now 3-1-0/1.47/.960 on the season since his first game. It's OK to have mixed feelings about this.
  • Brynäs has rewarded Christian Djoos for his fine early-season play with a nice new contract. [FanPost]
  • Finally, Denis Maruk had one hell of a mo (which reminded me of this post we ran a handful of years back). [Capitals on Instagram, with Rod Langway Movember madness at Capitals Overtime]