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Saturday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes, with links to ongoing labor talks, ESPN's return to hockey, and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

● In a surprise move, the NHL and NHLPA top brass met yesterday to negotiate further, refrained from post-meeting posturing for the media and hinted at more talks this weekend. What a time to be alive. [SLAM, CBSSports, Sportsnet, CBC, Wash Times, @Real_ESPNLeBrun (and again)]

○ If (IF) an agreement is around the corner, it's not a minute too soon - time to end this. [ESPN (LeBrun)]

Gary Bettman: Lightning Rod [Globe and Mail]

Donald Fehr: Player Defender [Globe and Mail]

○ Not surprisingly, Karl Alzner offers up a sane, realistic understanding of the situation. [CSNW]

○ The second lockout in a decade, with no superstar saviors around the corner, could mean that fans won't be so forgiving this time around. [SLAM!]

○ $3.35 billion to go it really that hard to divvy up? [Globe and Mail]

○ Few have been more outspoken than player agent Allan Walsh (who does have a bit of a stake in how it all shakes out). [The Star]

● ESPN, the network that has eschewed NHL hockey since the last lockout, will now bring you KHL hockey. Early morning games, a second-rate pro league and Barry Melrose - does it get better than this? (Hint: Uh, yes.) [Puck Daddy, Wash Times]

● Step right up, Alex Ovechkin - time for the Peerless treatment. [Peerless]

● Speaking of the captain, with an infusion of young, exciting talent sprinkled among the rest of the District's pro teams, his reign at the top of the DC sports scene may be at an end. [DCSR]

● More pics from Becky's Fund's Annual "Walk This Way" runway show, which included the Caps' own John Carlson and Karl Alzner strutting their stuff. [ (and again), Huff Post]

● Finally, happy 22nd birthday to Marcus Johansson.