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The Capitals Through the Last Lockout

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With no end in sight for the current lockout, we take a look at how the Capitals spent the last one.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Sport

The 2003-04 Capitals were a terrible hockey team.

The 2005-06 Capitals were a slightly less terrible hockey team.

In between, there was a lockout.

As the should-be 2012-13 Caps are busy finding work elsewhere around the globe and the current work stoppage continues with no end in sight, let's take a look at what that last locked-out group did before, during and after their lost season. With a huge assist to Robert Vollman (who has a spreadsheet of every NHL player that played elsewhere during the last lockout and immediately returned to the NHL thereafter), here's how the 2005-06 Caps spent that three-year span:

Note: This only includes pro leagues (i.e. not international play, etc.), and just regular season stats, via and Also, we threw a handful of current Caps at the bottom for funzies. Lastly, for a cleaner look at the sheet, click here.

With two awful teams sandwiched around a lost season, those were some dark days for Caps fans (though there was a bright Russian light at the end of the tunnel. Now, once again, all lights seem to be dimming...